School Special Projects

We are pleased to showcase some of the work from area schools who have taken on projects to make their campuses and their communities safer places.


The students of Iowa Western Community College studied distracted driving within their own community and spoke out about the dangers of distracted driving in several high schools in Nebraska and Iowa.  They also wrote to their state representatives to support stronger legislation for anti-distracted driving laws.

The result of this effort was: 1) A greater awareness of the amount of distracted driving that was happening around them, 2) A better understanding of how to address an issue like safety with your peers, local government and the community at large, 3) A chance to make a positive change by studying an issue and responding with a plan.

If you are interested in doing something similar in your community, please contact us.  This is one of the standout PSA’s created by one of IWCC students, which was only part of their overall approach to dealing with distracted driving in their community.


Thank you to all of the students at IWCC who participated in this community distracted driving study for a semester!

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