Mission:  To reduce preventable injuries and deaths related to the issue of distracted driving through education and promoting self awareness. We also seek to raise the level of discussion about the dangers and disastrous effects of distracted driving and the impact of it in every community.

We do this in 2 ways:

 1.  By speaking to teens and educating them about the risks of driving distracted and to reinforce responsible, alert driving for their futures and for that share the roads with them. 

.2.  By encouraging adults & parents to be examples for new drivers and act responsible behind the wheel, and never use a mobile device while driving. 
...   Children who are mentored over time by a parent or concerned adult about the dangers of a particular activity or habit are as much as 50% more likely to avoid that behavior than kids who are not.   We strongly encourage parents to take an ongoing and active role in continually educating their teens to become calm, rational drivers at all times and to avoid distractions.  If you are a parent, please look over the information we have on our Parent Information page, and if you are a teen, take some time to look at our teen information page and useful links.
     As a community we share the burden of driving safely and with focus on the road at all times. When you allow the devices that ring and buzz to steal your attention, or look away from the road to find just the right CD or mp3 file, you are risking all of the lives in front of your vehicle. Make the choice that you want others to make when they are driving towards the ones you love; don’t drive with distractions.
     Go here to take a pledge against distracted driving. We will personalize it for you and send it back at no cost.  Go here to learn about our ‘Change Your Message’ program easy and free program to help you in your daily battle to stay cell free when you drive.


 Our vision is to see the issue of distracted driving recognized as a major cause of fatal and injury crashes and to support legislation and private enterprise regulations that would ban the use of mobile electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle for all drivers.