Change Your Message!- Businesses

What are the benefits of a business taking on “Change Your Message” as a company awareness program?  Check out these benefits:

Employee Health is one of the most valuable things to maintain. From the day to day work to the long term projects the proposition of “let’s hope that person doesn’t get injured right now- we need them!” can be a very real threat.  Crashes are not just ‘work stoppers’ but instead it is a complex network of very tangible deficits for your business. Here are just some of the costs incurred by an employer for a typical crash:

  • Worker’s comp
  • Health care costs
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Property damage (perhaps yours and the other driver’s)
  • EMS cost
  • Towing
  • Fleet employee(s) time to investigate the crash.. & others
  • See a full list + employer recommendations here

Legal defense fees are a growing concern for employers- especially those whose employees may be driving particularly heavy vehicles or who transport potentially caustic materials.  If you do not employ and enforce a ‘no cell phone’ policy and one of your drivers causes a crash while being distracted by one of these devices, the repercussion in dollars spent to defend a potential suit can be significant.

Employees themselves may even feel that their safety was not looked after if they feel like they are ‘strongly encouraged’ to always use a cell phone while working, and this causes a crash.

Employee productivity can be affected by the constant harassment felt by the need to call a client or co-worker while driving, causing the overall quality of their work to be affected; not to mention the productivity lost if a crash causes employee absences.

It is a proven fact that the human brain does not multitask but instead it switches as rapidly as it can from one task to another. Need an example? Try counting backwards by three’s while writing a professional email about your performance on a project.

It is also a fact that adults are four times more likely to crash when simply talking on a phone (hand held or hands free) than regular drivers (the same impairment as being legally drunk) and actually test with worse reflexes than drunk drivers when tested on a closed course.

What does it all add up to?  Employers will benefit from having “Change Your Message” instituded within their companies as employees not only change the physical message on their mobile devices, relieving them from the pressure of having to multitask while driving; but they will also change their visual message as drivers observe them with both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road and their attention given to driving cautiously.

And talk about cost effective and easy to implement!  All you have to do is change your message, don’t use your phone while driving and order one of our decals for your vehicle so that other drivers will join in the experience.  It is an effective way to underscore your current or newly created company policy regarding driving and cellular use.