2015 Photo & Sponsor Page

2015 Golf Photo Sponsor Page

We want to say thank you to all of our sponsors and ask that you help them as well by patronizing those who have businesses and saying that you’ve done so because of their support of C.A.R.  

The Jon Newcomer Family  (multi-year supporter!)
The O’Keefe Family  (multi-year supporter!)
The M&M Foundation   (multi-year supporter!)
Marian High School   (multi-year supporter!)
Centris Federal Credit Union (multi-year supporter!)
Knights of Columbus, 11700   (multi-year supporter!)
Todd Jamber Construction (multi-year supporter!)
Nielsen- Cady Construction  (multi-year supporter!)
Niche – Old Market (multi-year supporter!)
AAA Nebraska   (multi-year supporter!)
UltraAir    (multi-year supporter!)
Envision Security (multi-year supporter!)
Alff Construction
Nielsen-Cady Construction   (multi-year supporter!)
Chrissy Andersen/The Estate of Ron Andersen
Road Burners Car Club

 … and your hole-in-one sponsor for these past 5 years, Baxter ChryslerJeepDodge!


How do you use the funds you raise?

The C.A.R. Alliance for Safer Teen Driving seeks to reduce preventable crashes and deaths by educating teens, parents and drivers about how distractions play a strong role in crashes, and by putting a human face to the disastrous effects it has on families in our communities and all over.  We are the only 501c3 nonprofit in Nebraska who focuses on this issue as it’s primary mission.

With everything that is in the news and being said in local and national government about this epidemic, program funding is still not widely available to continue the mission and so we rely on fundraising activities and donations of time and money to help make it possible.

Now in our 7th year we have reached nearly 25 thousand students, teens and adults with our message. We engage with students in schools, at safety events, church clubs and other venues. We have also reached thousands of adults in their places of business, speaking at service clubs, and various other venues.

We also partner with local safety officials and law enforcement agencies to bring community awareness to the issue, support stronger crash investigation techniques and advocate for stronger distracted driving legislation in Nebraska and beyond.

Distracted driving is not simply a ‘texting while driving’ issue (although many organizations focus on that message).  As new drivers come of age there is a barrage of new distractions that were never in existence when their parents learned to drive, and they need to know how to deal with those distractions and keep themselves safe on the road.

We all have a responsibility to drive safely; if not for ourselves then for the sake of the other motorists and pedestrians that count on our being fully alert and focused on the road. Most crashes, some 70-90%, are caused by human error and a large group are distraction based.

Please help us continue our mission and to also continue to raise the level of discussion about this issue in our communities. As individuals, it’s difficult to create change; but as an alliance of people of all ages with a common goal we can make distracted driving as socially unacceptable as smoking has become in public places. But to make a difference we have to agree that it begins with ourselves, and then others.