CAR helps launch “National Cell Off”

The C.A.R. Alliance is proud to be part of the collaboration with the Safety Council, Greater Omaha Chapter, as well as other community safety organizations such as “Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25“, community leaders and state and local law enforcment to present the National Cell Off campaign.

The goal of this community-wide effort is to reduce the number of crashes caused by cell phone distractions each year by simply asking drivers to turn off their cell phones before they use their vehicle.

In doing so, the some 1/2 million injury crashes and average 15 deaths per day attributed to cell phone distracted driving; the vast majority of which are attributed to cell phone calling, not texting (2009 crash estimates).

This program works hand in glove with our own program called “Change Your Message” which asks drivers to change the actual message on their cell phone to say, “Hi, I’m either busy or driving; please take my advice and don’t drive distracted.” and by not using your cell phone while driving you are changing your visual message as well.

Driving without this very intrusive distraction is imperative to reducing injuries and deaths on the road. Please join in these campaigns today!

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